58th Induction and Turnover Ceremonies

58th Induction and Turnover Ceremonies


Chaired: Jude Solamillo            Written by: Alex Aquino

Mandaue City, Cebu – Junior Chamber International Mandaue Chapter (JCI MANDAUE), “Merry Men” as they call themselves, held their 58th induction and turn-over ceremonies at Bai Hotel’s Grand Ballroom last April 24, 2021. From a film-inspired theme, the celebration kicked off with the awarding of the 2020 Ariston Cortes Leadership Excellence Awards. Followed by the grand procession of colors, representatives from other JCI chapters all over the country graced their presence and welcomed respectively. Namely, 2021 JCI Batch Dasig Presidents, JCI Mandaue Past Presidents, JCI Philippines National Board, 2020 JCI Mandaue Board of Directors, and 2020 as well as 2021 JCI Mandaue Presidents. This was followed by the valedictory address of the 2020 JCI President.

 2020 JCI Mandaue President Eric P. Smith highlighted his key accomplishments as the chapter president despite the pandemic, and even mentioned that the call for serving others has no boundaries and is most needed when there is a crisis. Then, a video presentation was showed to welcome the incoming 2021 Board of Directors. They were introduced one by one, charged as officers, and took the oath of office. More so, the ceremonial turnover of gavel and medallion from the immediate Past President to the incoming President took place. The entire Board of Directors cheered for the 2021 JCI Mandaue President Nike E. Cagulada with the traditional chair toss. He immediately delivered his inaugural address, sharing his key platforms and plans for the organization, continuity of the previously commenced long-term projects, and what is next for the “Merry Men” of JCI.

Subsequently, the 2021 Deputy Directors were introduced, charged as officers, and took an oath of office one by one. The new members were also inducted with the ceremonial investiture of the red tie which is uniquely JCI Mandaue. Afterward, dinner was served and the guests indulged in the international buffet spread prepared by the culinary department of the hotel. While having dinner, the guest of honor and the keynote speaker was introduced.

Attorney Regal Oliva, was the newly elected President of the Cebu Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP- Cebu), and the current Mandaue City Treasurer. She shared her passion, dreams, frustrations, and aspirations that were rooted in her experiences, from childhood until she became a lawyer. She is also an LGBTQIA+ advocate, where she lauded the inclusivity that JCI promotes globally. Other keynote speakers included: 2021 JCI Philippines National President Jude Acidre and Councilor Maline Cortes-Zafra representing Mayor Jonas Cortes of Mandaue City.

Ending the event, was the formal signing of the twinning agreements with other Local Organization (LO) chapters, photo opportunities, and showing of the 2021 induction video. Fellowship took place at Twilight Roofdeck Lounge & Bar.


More Photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=jcimandaueofficial&set=a.10159285802386397

2021 JCI Mandaue LO President’s Message

2021 JCI Mandaue LO President’s Message

Last February, on the second month of my official term, I was at the brink of giving up my Presidency when my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor.I’ve been lying in the dark with no sunshine. I cried and asked myself why am I still doing this? When I should just spend my time on my family during this trying times and be the big brother that I should be.

But I gathered my will and I said YES, I will be that big brother! That I will be there for both of my families. Because enduring something no one thought possible can be transformative. Perhaps in feeling less like you were, you are more like who you are meant to be.

I joined JCI Mandaue ten years ago, during that time I never to the slightest thought imagined that someday I will be among its Circle of Presidents. That after a year in the organization, I decided to stop because I felt I was in the wrong place. Not until four years ago, when I was invited back and offered a vital role in the chapter to lead a landmark project. I took the challenge and now JCI Mandaue has two Community Daycare Centers.

Being a true Jaycee is never easy. You don’t get paid while it demands so much of your time. So much more when you become a President! I never thought being in this position will make me feel and think so much less about my personal gains and would just want to do more for my chapter and my brothers. You literally become a big brother to this fine group of men!

Now my year has come to lead the brotherhood in these most trying of times, but not the wrong time. It is real when you say it and when you believe, it is true. I will claim it. This is my year, and I believe I will make it count!

Now, four months in my term, I am so happy to announce that JCI Mandaue is now officially a Category 1 Local Organization Chapter with organic paid members! JCI Mandaue is also now in the planning process of chartering two new landmark Local Organization Chapters as we continue to spread our active citizen framework in our localities. And our commitment to JCI Philippines for membership growth!

First, a new Local Organization Chapter of young enthusiastic youth leaders in Lapu-Lapu City that will surely bring new and timely ideas in the JCI Community. Also in time for the Quincentennial Commemorations of the victory of our National Hero, Datu Lapu Lapu in the battle of Mactan 500 years ago.

Second, JCI Mandaue is taking part of this global movement of inclusivity by chartering a new Local Organization Chapter exclusive for Transwomen. We want our sisters to know that they have a place in our organization where they will be acknowledged, respected, and be the queens they are! Because Junior Chamber International is an inclusive organization. JCI Mandaue will be an avenue to educate and eradicate inequality in our society in this time of age!

We have four missions this year; To Inspire, To Empower, To Immerse, and To Recognize that all members of this organization are equal and without prejudice against different religious beliefs, personal backgrounds, and sexual preference.

But the leader is only as good as its followers. And this is very true in JCI Mandaue. No matter how good you are, it’s pointless without the support of your members. You cannot expect support from your chapter when they know that you are only promoting yourself. You only grow when they grow. You recognize their strengths and understand their weaknesses. You make each and one of them count. Because at the end of your JCI day, you will always go back to your chapter.

This is not just about me. I would have not done these and will not be able to do all of this without the support of my very strong, competent, proactive, and of course very good looking brothers. I am confident that our brotherhood with purpose will continue to be relevant and impactful for the years to come!

JCI Mandaue is more than just a band of men having fun, but is actually a brotherhood with purpose. A brotherhood who are a lot better when together. A brotherhood when together prospers. A brotherhood always ready to engage for every opportunity to impact.

We are 58 Years Strong as ONEDAUE!

JCI Mandaue 2021 Organizational Chart

JCI Mandaue 2021 Organizational Chart

We are happy to formally introduce our #2021Daue Board of Directors as we continue to #EngageForChange as #ONEDaue!
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Newly Elected 2021 Board of Directors

Newly Elected 2021 Board of Directors

“Keeping The Mission To Honor The Vision”

Written by: David Anthony Maquilan (Deputy for Media-Communication)


For 2021, JCI Mandaue aims no other direction but up! To continue uplifting the brotherhood with purpose and become more active citizens for positive change in our communities, the members elected a new set of Board of Directors to lead the organization’s 2021 goals.


Spearheaded by 2016 President Ramil Montealto and 2019 President Rod Limpot, the JCI Mandaue Elections for the next Board of Directors for 2021 was a great success notwithstanding the limitations that the pandemic has engendered.

The election took place last 19th of September 2020 at Mezzo Hotel and simultaneously via Zoom Cloud Meeting for the members who were not able to go to the venue due to limited capacity.

It was a congenial and engaging activity as the resolute candidates presented their auspicious goals for 2021 with credence and tenacity.

The election was also attended by some of the past Presidents. 1971 President Oscar Senerpida, 2007 President Dr. Alain Senerpida, 2011 President Godo Castanares, 2012 President Mike Villanueva and 2017 President Richard Labitag, who also gave their comments after each candidate’s presentation and asked some questions which gave more emphasis to their presented plans and goals.

As JCI Mandaue continues to “Engage For Change” for a stronger 2021, the new Board of Directors have been chosen:

President – Nike Cagulada
Executive VP for Internal Affairs – Judee Kwan
Executive VP for External Affairs – Sam UY
VP for Community Development – Kristofer Yurong
VP for Individual Development – Andrew Lee
VP for Business Development – Jay Pastor
VP for National Relations – JM Yap
VP for International Relations – Brad Dablos
VP for Media-Communication – Rap Geson

2021 #ONEDaue!







Our 57th Induction and Turnover Ceremony

Our 57th Induction and Turnover Ceremony

Chaired: Sam Uy
Written by: Eleazar Martini P. Manalili

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) of Mandaue is nearing its golden year as it celebrated its 57th induction and turnover last February 8, 2020 at Mezzo Hotel, Cebu. Adapting its theme for #EngageForChange 2020, it highlights the importance of deep-strenthening bonds while heading to an upward trajectory for the chapter and for the community.

Lead by the leadership of Eric Smith, he ushers in a year of community projects promising to meet JCI’s vision and ideals as a brotherhood with a purpose.

2020 LO President, Eric Smith giving his speech

Smith, 32 runs his family business involved in resorts (Hale Mana) and (Handuraw Pizza)

The occasion brought together 10 different chapters from Central Visayas and  representatives of our South Korean JCI brothers in Samcheonpo– always in full-support for the annual ceremonies.

Leading this year’s delegation is 2020 President So Jeonghun and 2019 President Ko Kyeong Mok, together with their members.

Signing of the Twinning Agreement with JCI Samcheonpo


The main highlight of the night’s program was the induction rites. The new set of Board of Directors are respectfully as follows:

Rodrigo Limpot as immediate Past President,

Eric Smith – 2020’s JCI President,

Samuel Uy – EVP for Internal Affairs,

Nike Cagulada – EVP for External Affairs,

Judee Kwan – VP for Community Development,

Jay Pastor – VP for Business Development,

Miguel Juan Ortiz – Vice President for International Relations,

Kristoffer Yurong  – VP for National Relations,

Brad Diablos – VP for Individual Development,

Serafin Geson III – Vice President for Media Communications,

Roy Morales Sattore – Chapter Secretary,

Bonidee Capoy – Chapter Treasurer

Sam Lester Taguibao – Protocol Officer,

Atty. Michael Hubahib – Legal Council,

Jefferson Ebal – Local Training Director and

Iggy Borromeo – Local Awards Chair.

And of course, there is always a warm welcome in JCI Mandaue for the new aspiring members. To formally initiate them to the club, a red tie was officially worn to signal the beggining of their new journey in the Merry Men world.

2020 JCI Mandaue – Board of Directors together with VIP guests and members of the National Board


JCI Mandaue newly inducted members together with 2020 LO President


Mr. Rodrigo Limpot JCI Mandaue’s 2019 President, gave then his valedictorian speech. He mentioned about accomplishing a positive change in the community during his term. Such were achieved in MandaWecare and JCI-Mandaue Community Day Care Center– which was a big milestone program for JCI-Mandaue with the support of Mandaue City, CSWS and brothers from Kwang Jung Church of Korea, for the benefit of the less fortunate children.

Traditional chair toss by the Past Presidents and members JCI Mandaue. Symbolizes the President’s trust placed on the members.

After a year of retrospect from the former president, he passed on the torch to the new JCI Mandaue President, Mr. Eric Smith who gave out his induction speech. He spoke about his JCI journey and emphasized on the gains in creating more opportunities, developing individual skills and positivity through partnerships. He reminded all the Board of Directors and deputies for a more sustainable effort and membership engagement. Lastly, he highlighted the need of a headquarters for the chapter.

The night’s affair was capped off with a phenoneminal dance number of “Tala” (a song by Sarah Geronimo) by the JCI Mandaue’s Board of Directors and past presidents.

Now talk about how merry the Merry Men of Mandaue could get!

Junior Chamber International(JCI) Mandaue is an organization founded by Ariston M. Cortez together with an early group of Mandaue City’s foremost visionaries and leaders- dedicated in creating positive change in the community. Members of the organization are fondly called the “Merry Men of JCI Mandaue”.


57th Induction Welcome Speech

57th Induction Welcome Speech


Our ever strong and supportive JCI Mandaue Presidents

My family

Fellow JCI Mandaue members


Thank you and a Merry Evening to all of you!

Sa panahon ngayon mga bros.. Mmmmm – 5 M’s! Brothers! Sa panahon ngayon.. say it with me! Mmmmm! Masarap Maging Merry Men ng Mandaue! Let’s say it again! Masarap Maging Merry Men ng Mandaue! Please let’s give all of us a merry-go-round of applause!


I want to start by thanking my family – my siblings, and my mom most especially. Ma, you have remained patient and always supportive of the good that this engagement brings on top of my responsibilities to Handuraw and Hale Manna. From Youth for a Livable Cebu, to JCI the inspiration has always been from you and your active citizenship in the fronts of environment, education, and social entrepreneurship. Thank you ma for continuing to inspire us and continuing to guide and support us. This Presidency is also for you!


My JCI journey began back in 2016 upon the invitation of my cousin Charles Tiu and one of my best friends Rod Limpot. Come 2017, I took on the challenge of becoming your Local Training Director under President Richard Labitag. Fast-forward, in 2018 and 2019 I served as your Executive Vice President (EVP) Internal and EVP External, respectively. As I made my way up and actively engaged in the tasks called upon by the positions of service to our chapter, it pushed me out of my comfort zone to deal with different kinds of people and speak before a crowd. It molded me to grow into a more confident person.  I want to see many of our brothers take on the challenge, lead a project, become a deputy officer, commit as a member of the board, as a VP then EVP, and grow to become the next chapter President of this strong all-male JCI chapter in the Philippines – JCI Mandaue.


We have gone a long way, and I join our chapter presidents and brothers in saying that we have consistently grown stronger year-after-year. And I shall be the first to say now that it shall not end tonight.


It is important that we always build on the previous years so that we keep an upward growth and impact trajectory. From reestablishing a #BrotherhoodWithPurpose in 2017, we knew very well that it was #BetterTogetherAjaAja in 2018, and so we made sure that #TogetherWeProsper in 2019, and now we strengthen our existing programs, deepen inter-organizational relationships, and re-engage our stakeholders. We are more than ready to #EngageForChange this 2020!


Now you may have a lot of expectations for me as your incoming president. I am sure to continue the gains of the last 3 years but of course I hope to gain even more (not in weight, please Lord! but); gains in terms of more opportunities that will develop our individual skills, and more opportunities that will bring positive change in our communities with reengaged partnerships.


  • Through our MandaWeCare Program under our EVP External Nike Cagulada, VP for Community Judee Kwan and deputy Edmar Dionson – we focus on accomplishing our second Daycare center in Brgy. Labogon in Mandaue City with the help of Gwangjeong Presbyterian Church, strengthen the impacts of our existing projects – Hygiene 101, First Aid Trainings among others.
  • Pursue more environmental projects under our Think Green Program with the help of our 2016 President Ramil Montealto and resident Marine Biologist VP Rapzkie Geson.
  • Get our Merry Fundation program going with sustainable projects on our Merry Merchandise by our VP for Business Archie Arizo and Deputy Jay Pastor and Treasurer Bonidee Capoy.
  • Merry Links – Follow through with sisterhood projects with our sister chapters – Boholana Kisses, Bohol Limestone, Chocolate Hills, and Aklan Kalantiao. And maintain our international sisterhoods. VP for International MJ Ortiz, deputy Tim Park, and VP for National Relations Kristoffer Yurong and deputies Pete Lim and Gab Melgo, we are counting on you!
  • Re-engage with Alay Lakad Mandaue with the help of Presidents Godo Castanares, Mike Villanueva, and Ramil Montealto.
  • On the internal front, complete our JCI Mandaue Red Book, begin the process of updating and amending our constitution, strengthen parliamentary procedures and protocol – we count on you EVP Internal Sam Uy, Sec Roy, Protocol Officer Sam Taguibao, and Legal Counsel Atty. Mike Hubahib, to make this a reality.
  • Let’s maximize our Merry Media program by exploiting our online media presence, please VP for Communications Rapzkie and deputy Martin Manalili.
  • Build fulfilling and sustainable membership efforts with our Merry ME or Membership Engagement, and Merry Honors programs especially that we aim to be Category 1 this year. We can do this and let’s make this happen, VP for Individual Brad Dablos and deputy Martin Abadia!
  • And finally, for all of us Merry Men, let us seriously begin looking for a site for our clubhouse or headquarters.


A lot of things-to-do, a lot of opportunities to better ourselves and better our communities! I am very proud that our 2020 Board of Directors and Deputies have stepped up to the task. After all, I am not the only person being inducted tonight! This is our shared responsibility, and our shared commitment to our chapter. It behooves us to be better with every opportunity.


Brothers, before us are challenging times. Environmental and health crises, geo-political conflicts, corruption, intolerance, continuing difficulties caused by poverty, are just among the few. It is our charge as Jaycees to find solutions in ways that are creative, sustainable, and replicable. Our JCI Values and Mission are the guides to steer us to that direction and imbue us with strong sense of integrity and purpose. Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much! Let us choose to be active participants in our movement that is JCI.


To our sister chapters, our fellow Jaycees, our institutional and private partners, let us work together to address the challenges of the times, build our nation, and become better men and women for others.


To quote Star Trek’s Captain Jean Luc Picard, JCI Mandaue – “Engage!” We are now ready to #EngageForChange!


On behalf of my brothers thank you all for being here tonight to celebrate with us on our 57th year and witness the induction and turnover of officers. We are grateful for your support for yet another year of active citizenship and positive impact, most especially to the brand of service and engagement that is the Merry Men of the Junior Chamber International.

Together We Prosper: JCI Mandaue attends JCI Sanchung Anniversary
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Together We Prosper: JCI Mandaue attends JCI Sanchung Anniversary

Project Chair:Joseph Miguel Ortiz


A total of eight JCI Mandaue members flew to Taipei, Taiwan to attend the anniversary of its sister chapter, JCI Sanchung from March 22 to March 25, 2019. The trip was a great opportunity for cultural and professional exchange among the two JCI local organisations and the countries of the Philippines and Taiwan. It was also a fulfilment of the annual commitment in the sisterhood agreement between JCI Mandaue and JCI Sanchung.

The trip fulfilled three objectives:

1.) to further positive and fruitful international relations between the Philippines and Taiwan and JCI Mandaue and JCI       Sanchung,

2.) to fulfill the annual tradition and commitment of visiting sister chapter locations.

3.) to promote cultural and professional exchange among the members of JCI Mandaue and JCI Sanchung.

There was correspondence between the Presidents and officers of JCI Mandaue and JCI Sanchung for coordination of hotel, transportation, and itinerary. JCI Mandaue’s delegation attended all the events hosted by JCI Sanchung ranging from formal JCI events, to casual lunches, dinners, and tours hosted by their current and old members.

The four day trip to Taiwan, strengthened the long and proud relationship between JCI Mandaue and JCI Sanchung – a sisterhood that has lasted for almost 40 years. The eight man delegation of JCI Mandaue was very well taken cared of by the Sanchung brothers and sisters. JCI Mandaue’s 2019 president, Rodrigo Limpot Jr. represented his chapter well by attending fully all the activities arranged by JCI Sanchung.

JCI Mandaue also extended an invitation for JCI Sanchung to come and visit during JCI Mandaue’s 2020 induction and turnover ceremonies, so that the courtesy and hospitality of hosting as sister chapters can be extended on the Philippine side. Because of the success of this trip, both chapters see a fruitful sisterhood for the years to come.

Our 56th Induction and Turnover Ceremonies
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Our 56th Induction and Turnover Ceremonies

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Mandaue chapter, now on its 56th year as a brotherhood with purpose celebrated its induction and turnover ceremonies last February 9, 2019 at the Citi Park Hotel.

Under the leadership of President Rodrigo Limpot Jr., the Merry Men of JCI have adopted the theme of “Together We Prosper,” highlighting the importance of teamwork and shared responsibility for the development of the chapter and community.

Limpot, 31, runs his family business involved in web hosting, design, and computer network hardware and peripherals.

JCI is a non-profit international leadership and civic organization of young people between 18 and 40 years old. It has members in about 124 countries, and aims to provide development opportunities that allow young active citizens to create positive change in their communities.

The formal gathering brought together JCI members from all ten of the JCI chapters in Central Visayas, and delegates from sister chapter JCI Samcheonpo of South Korea. JCI members from Aklan and Iligan were also present to witness the turnover and induction of JCI Mandaue’s Presidents and Board of Directors. Sister chapter agreements were also signed with the 3 Bohol chapters – JCI Boholana Kisses, JCI Bohol Limestone, and JCI Chocolate Hills.

JCI Mandaue’s 2018 President, South Korean businessman Sung Ho “Andrew” Tae gave his valedictory address expressing how grateful he was to have served his “1 year to lead,” and having contributed to the growth of the chapter. Under his leadership, JCI Mandaue was able to establish an outreach agreement with the South Korean Kwangjeong Presbyterian Church, in building at least 8 daycare centers within the City of Mandaue. JCI Mandaue was able to deliver its first daycare center in December 2018 at Brgy. Guizo, Mandaue City. Two more are slated to be finished with the year.

On his part, 2019 President Rodrigo Limpot highlighted his goal of “partnering with companies to have an independent money making scheme for the sustainability of the chapter.” He also expressed his desire to build on the gains of the past years by strengthening internal procedures that will ensure members take the opportunity to lead and become better through planning, execution, and evaluation of projects.

The new set of Board of Directors include Sung Ho “Andrew” Tae as Immediate Past President, Nike Enriquez Cagulada (EVP-Internal), Eric Paolo Smith (EVP-External), Brandon Lavilla (Secretary), Kim Ngo (VP Business), Sam Uy (VP Community), Judee Kwan (VP International), Edmar Dionson (VP Individual), Archie Arizo (Treasurer), Paolo Saberon (Local Training Director), Daniel Ismael (VP Communications), Kristoffer Yurong (Auditor & Protocol Officer), and Joseph Ortiz (PRO). Together with their Deputy directors, the officers were charged by 2019 Regional Vice President Camille Maluenda and inducted by Past Area Vice President Atty. Carlo Fortuna.

The program for the evening had Mandaue City Vice Mayor Atty. Carlo Fortuna, a Past President of JCI Mandaue as inspirational speaker; iLearners founder and social media influencer Doyzkie Buenaviaje as keynote speaker, and JCI Philippines’ 2019 National Executive Vice President Disston Tan, a JCI Mandaue Past President as well, as Guest of Honor.

The evening ended with the revival singing and dancing of the Jaycees March spearheaded by JCI Mandaue’s past presidents.

JCI Mandaue, an all male organization, was founded in 1964 by Ariston Cortes. It is one of the oldest JCI chapters in the Visayas. The chapter played host to the 38th Visayas Area Conference last September 2018 and has inaugurated their first daycare center in Brgy. Guizo, Mandaue City in December 2018. The chapter maintains strong cooperation with the City of Mandaue and its City Social Welfare Services (CSWS) department, with regular outreach activities with the city’s underprivileged children and establishment of additional daycare centers for the city.