COVID-19 VAX! Are you red-y?

COVID-19 VAX! Are you red-y?

Chaired and written by: Neil Tanyu

The Covid-19 outbreak was declared a public health emergency of international concern last January 2020 and as a pandemic last March 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO). All sectors and countries were affected. Millions of people died and the health sector had to find different approaches on how to control the disease.

In this time of technological and scientific advancement, one of these solutions was the development of the Covid-19 vaccines. Vaccines would normally take years of studies, experimentation, and testing but with the Covid-19 situation happening all over the world and affecting everyone, different companies quickly developed new vaccines and governments allowed the development and usage of these vaccines under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These quickly approved drugs sparked different opinions and doubts among the whole community. Questions were raised on its safety, tolerability, and effectiveness, and “Vaccine Hesitancy” was on the rise. These people had reservations about the Covid-19 vaccinations and they are not indeed to blame. Knowledge is truly power. With this said, it was our responsibility as an organization of young active citizens to clarify, explain, and educate misconceptions about the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Project Chairs created this forum and hoped that through this forum, people that are vaccine-hesitant will be encouraged to be vaccinated for the Covid-19 and spread awareness to the public about the importance of vaccination. This online forum was an avenue for our expert doctors to discuss Covid-19 vaccination, its use, and its benefits. JCI Mandaue also made sure that frequently asked questions (FAQs) were addressed and an online open question-and-answer portion was provided for the audience to pro-actively sound their concerns to our doctors and make finals decisions that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective.

Forums are usually held face-to-face but with the pandemic and lockdowns, JCI Mandaue quickly adapted and made it accessible to everyone via Zoom and Facebook Live. The project chairs, JCI Mandaue members, and the speaker were very astonished that a big audience involving mostly from the non-medical community joined the forum via Zoom with over 80 in the audience out of 100 max capacity and Facebook Live with more than 2000 views. These numbers showed that a lot of people are interested and want to be assured on the vaccine’s profile.

The forum was a success with our objectives accomplished. Up to this day, the online health forum can still be accessed via the JCI Mandaue Facebook Page. JCI Mandaue and its members are very honored to have shared our resources in organizing this forum for the community and create positive change in this ever-changing world. We also hope to influence people that when we have something that we can share such as our knowledge and skills, we must do so share it willingly for this will make our world a better place.

Watch the recorded live video here:

MandaWeCare: Bloodletting-I can feel your heartbeat

MandaWeCare: Bloodletting-I can feel your heartbeat

Written and Chaired by: Alex Aquino
We felt the beat of the heat in every shared heartbeat. 💗💗
JCI Mandaue in partnership with Philippine Red Cross – Lapu-Lapu/Cordova Chapter, Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary 209th Squadron 209.1 Division, and Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark. Cebu recently hosted a blood-letting activity entitled, “I can feel your heartbeat”. 
The event, headed by Project Chair, Alex Aquino, was able to solicit thirty-three (33) blood bags from fifty (50) interested donors. These would save more than one hundred (100) patients all over the region. The entire organizing committee would like to thank all the blood donors and the sponsors who made the event more successful. Nonki Japanese Restaurant, Castle Peak Hotel, Profood International Corporation, and Jiprop Development Corporation.
We hope that you’ll join us next time and help us save more lives.


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58th Induction and Turnover Ceremonies

58th Induction and Turnover Ceremonies


Chaired: Jude Solamillo            Written by: Alex Aquino

Mandaue City, Cebu – Junior Chamber International Mandaue Chapter (JCI MANDAUE), “Merry Men” as they call themselves, held their 58th induction and turn-over ceremonies at Bai Hotel’s Grand Ballroom last April 24, 2021. From a film-inspired theme, the celebration kicked off with the awarding of the 2020 Ariston Cortes Leadership Excellence Awards. Followed by the grand procession of colors, representatives from other JCI chapters all over the country graced their presence and welcomed respectively. Namely, 2021 JCI Batch Dasig Presidents, JCI Mandaue Past Presidents, JCI Philippines National Board, 2020 JCI Mandaue Board of Directors, and 2020 as well as 2021 JCI Mandaue Presidents. This was followed by the valedictory address of the 2020 JCI President.

 2020 JCI Mandaue President Eric P. Smith highlighted his key accomplishments as the chapter president despite the pandemic, and even mentioned that the call for serving others has no boundaries and is most needed when there is a crisis. Then, a video presentation was showed to welcome the incoming 2021 Board of Directors. They were introduced one by one, charged as officers, and took the oath of office. More so, the ceremonial turnover of gavel and medallion from the immediate Past President to the incoming President took place. The entire Board of Directors cheered for the 2021 JCI Mandaue President Nike E. Cagulada with the traditional chair toss. He immediately delivered his inaugural address, sharing his key platforms and plans for the organization, continuity of the previously commenced long-term projects, and what is next for the “Merry Men” of JCI.

Subsequently, the 2021 Deputy Directors were introduced, charged as officers, and took an oath of office one by one. The new members were also inducted with the ceremonial investiture of the red tie which is uniquely JCI Mandaue. Afterward, dinner was served and the guests indulged in the international buffet spread prepared by the culinary department of the hotel. While having dinner, the guest of honor and the keynote speaker was introduced.

Attorney Regal Oliva, was the newly elected President of the Cebu Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP- Cebu), and the current Mandaue City Treasurer. She shared her passion, dreams, frustrations, and aspirations that were rooted in her experiences, from childhood until she became a lawyer. She is also an LGBTQIA+ advocate, where she lauded the inclusivity that JCI promotes globally. Other keynote speakers included: 2021 JCI Philippines National President Jude Acidre and Councilor Maline Cortes-Zafra representing Mayor Jonas Cortes of Mandaue City.

Ending the event, was the formal signing of the twinning agreements with other Local Organization (LO) chapters, photo opportunities, and showing of the 2021 induction video. Fellowship took place at Twilight Roofdeck Lounge & Bar.


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2021 JCI Mandaue LO President’s Message

2021 JCI Mandaue LO President’s Message

Last February, on the second month of my official term, I was at the brink of giving up my Presidency when my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor.I’ve been lying in the dark with no sunshine. I cried and asked myself why am I still doing this? When I should just spend my time on my family during this trying times and be the big brother that I should be.

But I gathered my will and I said YES, I will be that big brother! That I will be there for both of my families. Because enduring something no one thought possible can be transformative. Perhaps in feeling less like you were, you are more like who you are meant to be.

I joined JCI Mandaue ten years ago, during that time I never to the slightest thought imagined that someday I will be among its Circle of Presidents. That after a year in the organization, I decided to stop because I felt I was in the wrong place. Not until four years ago, when I was invited back and offered a vital role in the chapter to lead a landmark project. I took the challenge and now JCI Mandaue has two Community Daycare Centers.

Being a true Jaycee is never easy. You don’t get paid while it demands so much of your time. So much more when you become a President! I never thought being in this position will make me feel and think so much less about my personal gains and would just want to do more for my chapter and my brothers. You literally become a big brother to this fine group of men!

Now my year has come to lead the brotherhood in these most trying of times, but not the wrong time. It is real when you say it and when you believe, it is true. I will claim it. This is my year, and I believe I will make it count!

Now, four months in my term, I am so happy to announce that JCI Mandaue is now officially a Category 1 Local Organization Chapter with organic paid members! JCI Mandaue is also now in the planning process of chartering two new landmark Local Organization Chapters as we continue to spread our active citizen framework in our localities. And our commitment to JCI Philippines for membership growth!

First, a new Local Organization Chapter of young enthusiastic youth leaders in Lapu-Lapu City that will surely bring new and timely ideas in the JCI Community. Also in time for the Quincentennial Commemorations of the victory of our National Hero, Datu Lapu Lapu in the battle of Mactan 500 years ago.

Second, JCI Mandaue is taking part of this global movement of inclusivity by chartering a new Local Organization Chapter exclusive for Transwomen. We want our sisters to know that they have a place in our organization where they will be acknowledged, respected, and be the queens they are! Because Junior Chamber International is an inclusive organization. JCI Mandaue will be an avenue to educate and eradicate inequality in our society in this time of age!

We have four missions this year; To Inspire, To Empower, To Immerse, and To Recognize that all members of this organization are equal and without prejudice against different religious beliefs, personal backgrounds, and sexual preference.

But the leader is only as good as its followers. And this is very true in JCI Mandaue. No matter how good you are, it’s pointless without the support of your members. You cannot expect support from your chapter when they know that you are only promoting yourself. You only grow when they grow. You recognize their strengths and understand their weaknesses. You make each and one of them count. Because at the end of your JCI day, you will always go back to your chapter.

This is not just about me. I would have not done these and will not be able to do all of this without the support of my very strong, competent, proactive, and of course very good looking brothers. I am confident that our brotherhood with purpose will continue to be relevant and impactful for the years to come!

JCI Mandaue is more than just a band of men having fun, but is actually a brotherhood with purpose. A brotherhood who are a lot better when together. A brotherhood when together prospers. A brotherhood always ready to engage for every opportunity to impact.

We are 58 Years Strong as ONEDAUE!

MandaWeCare: Lihok Batok COVID-19

MandaWeCare: Lihok Batok COVID-19

Written by: Kristoffer Yurong
Project Chair: Jerome Ang Mendaros

Last March 17, 2021, JCI Mandaue distributed 200 Essential Hygiene Kits to the Garbage Collectors and Garbage Segregators of Mandaue City under the Department of General Services (DGS), Mandaue City Hall. JCI Mandaue has acknowledged the need to provide sanitary assistance to this sector of our government workers as they too are considered as today’s key and essential front liners in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.
The essential hygiene kits include two disposable masks, two washable masks, a K95 mask, a pair of eye goggles, a face shield, and an alcohol container – all these were carefully curated to ensure they are well protected during their tasks of collecting and segregating our wastes.
The activity was witnessed by the head of DGS Engr. Marivic Cabigas, as well as JCI Mandaue delegation headed by 2021 President Nike Cagulada, VP for community Toffee Yurong and 6 other JCI Mandaue #MerryMen. About 70 of the garbage collectors, garbage Segregators, and office staff from DGS also took part in the turnover, which was held at the Mandaue City Motorpool.
To more collaborations with DGS and JCI Mandaue in the months to come.
Project Green: Im Rooting for You

Project Green: Im Rooting for You

Written by: Rapzkie
Project Chair: Ritchee Sayod

Last January 30, 2021, to commemorate our upcoming 58th Induction and Turnover Ceremonies, the #MerryMen of JCI Mandaue gave back to Mother Earth by planting 58 trees to celebration our 58 years of service to humanity!
The project was conducted on the mountain slops of Brgy. Kamomot, Balamban, Cebu attended by our very own MerryMen in white together with our stakeholder form Cagulada Integrated Transdev Inc. and Natural Resources (DENR Region 7). Through rain and mud, the participants was able to complete the tasks amidst the uncooperative weather.


For the Kids of JCI Mandaue’s Adopted Communities

In Barangay Labogon and Guizo, Mandaue City

Written by: Kristoffer Yurong             Edited by: David Maquilan


On 12th of December 2020, 12 Merry Men became beacons of hope as they wore not just their Santa hats but also their Santa hearts as they gave Christmas gifts, goodies and food to 150 kids ages 2-6 of JCI Mandaue’s Day Care Centers in Labogon and Guizo.

Compliant to the strictest health protocols set by the local government units, The Merry Men set off to these two communities and distributed their Christmas packages which included kiddie masks, kiddie face shields, a bunch of toys, coloring books, kiddie items, a wallet and a piggy bank. They also provided food, ice cream and snack bars.

House to house these merry men braved the heat of the December sun just to be able to reach these kids in their respective abodes since health protocols strictly deny them to go out during this pandemic.


Congratulations to Project Chair Gab Melgo, VP For Community Toffee Yurong and LO President Nike Cagulada as well as the rest of JCI Mandaue for a successful gift giving activity.

The Merry Men would like to thank the local government units of Guizo and Labogon as well as Ms. Richie Duenas, Ma’am Mila and our pre-school teachers from the two day care centers for the assistance as well as our donors and benefactors to make this activity a huge success.


JCI Mandaue 2021 Organizational Chart

JCI Mandaue 2021 Organizational Chart

We are happy to formally introduce our #2021Daue Board of Directors as we continue to #EngageForChange as #ONEDaue!
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Newly Elected 2021 Board of Directors

Newly Elected 2021 Board of Directors

“Keeping The Mission To Honor The Vision”

Written by: David Anthony Maquilan (Deputy for Media-Communication)


For 2021, JCI Mandaue aims no other direction but up! To continue uplifting the brotherhood with purpose and become more active citizens for positive change in our communities, the members elected a new set of Board of Directors to lead the organization’s 2021 goals.


Spearheaded by 2016 President Ramil Montealto and 2019 President Rod Limpot, the JCI Mandaue Elections for the next Board of Directors for 2021 was a great success notwithstanding the limitations that the pandemic has engendered.

The election took place last 19th of September 2020 at Mezzo Hotel and simultaneously via Zoom Cloud Meeting for the members who were not able to go to the venue due to limited capacity.

It was a congenial and engaging activity as the resolute candidates presented their auspicious goals for 2021 with credence and tenacity.

The election was also attended by some of the past Presidents. 1971 President Oscar Senerpida, 2007 President Dr. Alain Senerpida, 2011 President Godo Castanares, 2012 President Mike Villanueva and 2017 President Richard Labitag, who also gave their comments after each candidate’s presentation and asked some questions which gave more emphasis to their presented plans and goals.

As JCI Mandaue continues to “Engage For Change” for a stronger 2021, the new Board of Directors have been chosen:

President – Nike Cagulada
Executive VP for Internal Affairs – Judee Kwan
Executive VP for External Affairs – Sam UY
VP for Community Development – Kristofer Yurong
VP for Individual Development – Andrew Lee
VP for Business Development – Jay Pastor
VP for National Relations – JM Yap
VP for International Relations – Brad Dablos
VP for Media-Communication – Rap Geson

2021 #ONEDaue!














On 15th of August 2020, the Merry Men of JCI Mandaue held their first-ever virtual fellowship and kamustahan dubbed as MANDAUE NIGHTS.

The event was fostered to ensure that the JCI community still breathes life and hope amidst the current global health crisis.

The event was a bevy of virtual shenanigans that included a love problem-solving segment, dubbed as “Tambag Alang sa Gugma”; a “Fast Talk” segment patterned from a popular showbiz oriented talk show and “Mandaue’s Got Talent” which was intended to showcase the talents of the attendees and tons of virtual and online games to entertain the viewers.

Raffles made the segments also very exciting as prizes from sponsors abound the whole fellowship night. The virtual fellowship also witnessed a mini concert from its very special guest, Anton Mansueto of “Glynis and Anton” – Cebu’s most sought after acoustic duo. It was not just the highlight; it was also the best part of the night as guests were able to sing their hearts out with their most requested songs plus today’s music hits.

The five equally charming hosts delighted the audience with their charisma, looks and comical demeanor consisted of Merry Men – Brad Dablos, Edmar Dionson, JM Bercede Yap, Sam Taguibao and JCI Immediate Past President Rod Limpot Jr.

Special visitors also added amusement to the fellowship as our sister chapters Womandaue, Boholana Kisses, Bohol Limestone and Bohol Chocolate Hills also joined the revelry. Presidents from other chapters joined the fun as well.

Truly it was one great night with almost 4 hours of virtual fun, food, drinks and music as we all celebrated life the ‘better normal’ way.

This event was made possible through the generosity of these sponsors:

  • Cartel Inn |
  • Citi Car Rentals and Trucking |
  • Go Green Products |
  • Skin 911 |
  • Oh Yu Geh |
  • |
  • FTW Apparel |
  • Ecom TV Cebu and Ecom TV Davao |
  • MeMEngineer |
  • CSAS, RM and King of Kings Apparels |
  • And AXA Philippines |