Be Part of the Merry Men of JCI

Known for the casual working environment and fun we bring to our projects and activities, we at JCI Mandaue are also fondly called the Merry Men of JCI. You do not have to live in Mandaue City to be one of the Merry Men! Read more about us here or get in touch directly through our Contact Form.

2020 Board of Directors

Meet the 2020 Board of Directors of JCI Mandaue.

As a non-profit organization, JCI is committed to providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. In line with this mission, we have organized the following projects.

Eric P. Smith – 2020 President JCI Mandaue

Message from our President

It is important that we always build on the previous years so that we keep an upward growth and impact trajectory. From reestablishing a #BrotherhoodWithPurpose in 2017, we knew very well that it was #BetterTogetherAjaAja in 2018, and so we made sure that #TogetherWeProsper in 2019, and now we strengthen our existing programs, deepen inter-organizational relationships, and re-engage our stakeholders. We are more than ready to #EngageForChange this 2020!

To quote Star Trek’s Captain Jean Luc Picard, JCI Mandaue – “Engage!” We are now ready to #EngageForChange!

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