COVID-19 VAX! Are you red-y?

Chaired and written by: Neil Tanyu

The Covid-19 outbreak was declared a public health emergency of international concern last January 2020 and as a pandemic last March 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO). All sectors and countries were affected. Millions of people died and the health sector had to find different approaches on how to control the disease.

In this time of technological and scientific advancement, one of these solutions was the development of the Covid-19 vaccines. Vaccines would normally take years of studies, experimentation, and testing but with the Covid-19 situation happening all over the world and affecting everyone, different companies quickly developed new vaccines and governments allowed the development and usage of these vaccines under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These quickly approved drugs sparked different opinions and doubts among the whole community. Questions were raised on its safety, tolerability, and effectiveness, and “Vaccine Hesitancy” was on the rise. These people had reservations about the Covid-19 vaccinations and they are not indeed to blame. Knowledge is truly power. With this said, it was our responsibility as an organization of young active citizens to clarify, explain, and educate misconceptions about the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Project Chairs created this forum and hoped that through this forum, people that are vaccine-hesitant will be encouraged to be vaccinated for the Covid-19 and spread awareness to the public about the importance of vaccination. This online forum was an avenue for our expert doctors to discuss Covid-19 vaccination, its use, and its benefits. JCI Mandaue also made sure that frequently asked questions (FAQs) were addressed and an online open question-and-answer portion was provided for the audience to pro-actively sound their concerns to our doctors and make finals decisions that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective.

Forums are usually held face-to-face but with the pandemic and lockdowns, JCI Mandaue quickly adapted and made it accessible to everyone via Zoom and Facebook Live. The project chairs, JCI Mandaue members, and the speaker were very astonished that a big audience involving mostly from the non-medical community joined the forum via Zoom with over 80 in the audience out of 100 max capacity and Facebook Live with more than 2000 views. These numbers showed that a lot of people are interested and want to be assured on the vaccine’s profile.

The forum was a success with our objectives accomplished. Up to this day, the online health forum can still be accessed via the JCI Mandaue Facebook Page. JCI Mandaue and its members are very honored to have shared our resources in organizing this forum for the community and create positive change in this ever-changing world. We also hope to influence people that when we have something that we can share such as our knowledge and skills, we must do so share it willingly for this will make our world a better place.

Watch the recorded live video here: