Last February, on the second month of my official term, I was at the brink of giving up my Presidency when my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor.I’ve been lying in the dark with no sunshine. I cried and asked myself why am I still doing this? When I should just spend my time on my family during this trying times and be the big brother that I should be.

But I gathered my will and I said YES, I will be that big brother! That I will be there for both of my families. Because enduring something no one thought possible can be transformative. Perhaps in feeling less like you were, you are more like who you are meant to be.

I joined JCI Mandaue ten years ago, during that time I never to the slightest thought imagined that someday I will be among its Circle of Presidents. That after a year in the organization, I decided to stop because I felt I was in the wrong place. Not until four years ago, when I was invited back and offered a vital role in the chapter to lead a landmark project. I took the challenge and now JCI Mandaue has two Community Daycare Centers.

Being a true Jaycee is never easy. You don’t get paid while it demands so much of your time. So much more when you become a President! I never thought being in this position will make me feel and think so much less about my personal gains and would just want to do more for my chapter and my brothers. You literally become a big brother to this fine group of men!

Now my year has come to lead the brotherhood in these most trying of times, but not the wrong time. It is real when you say it and when you believe, it is true. I will claim it. This is my year, and I believe I will make it count!

Now, four months in my term, I am so happy to announce that JCI Mandaue is now officially a Category 1 Local Organization Chapter with organic paid members! JCI Mandaue is also now in the planning process of chartering two new landmark Local Organization Chapters as we continue to spread our active citizen framework in our localities. And our commitment to JCI Philippines for membership growth!

First, a new Local Organization Chapter of young enthusiastic youth leaders in Lapu-Lapu City that will surely bring new and timely ideas in the JCI Community. Also in time for the Quincentennial Commemorations of the victory of our National Hero, Datu Lapu Lapu in the battle of Mactan 500 years ago.

Second, JCI Mandaue is taking part of this global movement of inclusivity by chartering a new Local Organization Chapter exclusive for Transwomen. We want our sisters to know that they have a place in our organization where they will be acknowledged, respected, and be the queens they are! Because Junior Chamber International is an inclusive organization. JCI Mandaue will be an avenue to educate and eradicate inequality in our society in this time of age!

We have four missions this year; To Inspire, To Empower, To Immerse, and To Recognize that all members of this organization are equal and without prejudice against different religious beliefs, personal backgrounds, and sexual preference.

But the leader is only as good as its followers. And this is very true in JCI Mandaue. No matter how good you are, it’s pointless without the support of your members. You cannot expect support from your chapter when they know that you are only promoting yourself. You only grow when they grow. You recognize their strengths and understand their weaknesses. You make each and one of them count. Because at the end of your JCI day, you will always go back to your chapter.

This is not just about me. I would have not done these and will not be able to do all of this without the support of my very strong, competent, proactive, and of course very good looking brothers. I am confident that our brotherhood with purpose will continue to be relevant and impactful for the years to come!

JCI Mandaue is more than just a band of men having fun, but is actually a brotherhood with purpose. A brotherhood who are a lot better when together. A brotherhood when together prospers. A brotherhood always ready to engage for every opportunity to impact.

We are 58 Years Strong as ONEDAUE!

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