28th November 2018

26th National Children’s Month; Fiesta Sa Kabataan

Project Chair: Nike Cagulada

Mandaue City in partnership with JCI Mandaue activated a month long Children’s Month Celebration last November 2018 catering to almost 2,000 children from different less fortunate communities through different educational and cultural activities with the theme: ISULONG: TAMANG PAG-AARUGA PARA SA LAHAT NG BATA. This is pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 10661 entitled An Act Declaring the Month of November of Every Year as the National Children’s Month mandating the nationwide celebration. This year Mandaue City made a partnership with JCI Mandaue for this celebration!

This month long celebration and activities is in recognition on the imperative role of children in the development and growth of Mandaue as a city and every effort herein exerted is to promote their welfare and enhance opportunities for their future. In view of this foregoing, we have the shared interest as JCI Mandaue’s core community development drive starts with these children as evident through our JCI Mandaue Community Daycare Centers infrastructure projects in 8 different communities in Mandaue City, Big Brother Project with Children in Conflict with the Law, and the monthly “Operation Kidnap” through which we gather around 50 Street Children through feeding programs coupled with interactive activities like Basic Hygiene, Art & Crafts, and First Aid among others. On the culmination day held at Mandaue City Sports and Cultural Center, we brought some of the most famous Marvel Super Heroes in the form of Cosplayers to interact and play with them in the inflatable playground and set-up playhouses that filled the whole gymnasium. Photo booth, ice cream parlours, face paint corners, and cotton candy stations were spread out in the venue too.

Objectives: This main objectives of this month long celebration is to recognise and promote the children’s welfare, identify common child-growth problems, and enhance opportunities for their future.

This month long celebration was carefully planned and crafted months before by the Mandaue City Social Welfare Services, JCI Mandaue, partners and suppliers through a series of assignment updates and coordination meetings that resulted to the below successful schedules.

A. Opening Program and Presentation of the State of the Children’s Address on November 5, 2018 at Mandaue City Sports and Cultural Complex. Time: 0800H – 1200H.

B. Set-up and Management of Photo Booth, Ice Cream Parlours, Face Paint Corners, and Cotton Candy Stations for the “Fiesta Sa Kabataan” on November 17, 2018 at Mandaue City Sports and Cultural Complex. Time: 0800H – 1700H.

C. First Mandaue City Children’s Congress on November 28, 2018 at Mandaue City Sports and Cultural Complex. Time: 0800H – 1200H.

D. Children’s Program Partner’s Recognition on November 28, 2018 where in JCI Mandaue was awarded by the Mandaue City Government for its full support. Time: 1300H – 1700H.

The monthly-long celebration was a very good success with different media coverages. Approximately 2,000 children which are daycare and elementary aged students benefited and enjoyed the programs especially the Fiesta Sa Kabataan last November 17, 2018. Of the estimated 2,000 children, 500 are indigents. Children’s talents through singing, dancing, and minor sports were also showcased during the programs. On our side, we were also able to identify the prioritised communities that will be the site for our next JCI Mandaue Community Daycare Center during one of our forums.

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