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Project Chair: Nike Cagulada

JCI Mandaue’s biggest milestone and first infrastructure project since its inception is to build learning-conducive Community Daycare Center in (8) eight different communities in Mandaue City to inspire children at a young age that education is a ladder to success that will guide them in building ambitions for themselves. The project is also a mechanism to minimize and/or pull out these children from the hazardous environment of the streets and eventually reach out to their respective families and help them build a better future together. The project aims build a Community Daycare Center with the necessary support, materials and facility needed to operate under the standard manual for Daycare Centers in the Philippines. The Community Daycare Center will serve as a highly visible public symbol of our commitments to (1) community development and (2) sustainable projects in Mandaue City. Today, we are turning over our very first classroom to the fire victims relocation site in Barangay Guizo spearheaded by their Brgy. Captain Jesus Neri together with Mandaue City Vice-Mayor Carlo Fortuna, and Mandaue City Social Welfare Services Officers headed by OIC Mr. Jesselito Perez. The event was also attended by our International Sister Chapter, JCI Samcheonpo with 12 delegates all the way from South Korea.

The objective of the ribbon cutting and turnover ceremonies is to formally donate the JCI Mandaue Community Daycare Center to Brgy. Guizo, Mandaue City which will be their first daycare classroom in the area and will primarily serve the children from the fire victims relocation site community. This center will also become our avenue for other community developments projects like medical missions, livelihood projects for parents, and other sustainable projects we will partner with other JCI Chapters, companies, and NGOs.

The main proponent and Project Chairman, 2018 JCI Mandaue VP for Community Development Nike Cagulada, organized the turnover ceremonies with 2019 JCI Mandaue VP for Community Sam Uy who is also organizing a Christmas Program for the kids at the same time. The organizers notified all concerned parties in advance to be present a week before. The same, with the help of Mandaue City Social Welfare Services office headed by Mr. Jesselito Perez and assistant Elizabeth Barz prepared the Deed of Donations with all pertinent details and consulted the Mandaue City LGU Legal Counsel for legalities. While Architect Gemma Villacorte, representing the contractor JJAW Construction Corp and officials of Brgy. Guizo prepared the physical arrangements for the ribbon cutting and turnover ceremonies at the site. Vice-Mayor Carlo Fortuna, Mandaue City Social Welfare Services Officer headed by Mr. Jesselito Perez, Brgy. Guizo Officials, JCI Samcheonpo borthers, and JCI Mandaue BOD’s and members attended participated in the momentous event together with the residents of the community. Snacks and loots bags were also given to the children who attended the program. And we also brought five Marvel Superhero Cosplayers to interact with the children during the program and games.

The turnover of the Community Daycare Center was accepted with overwhelming excitement and happiness especially from the community residents of Brgy. Guizo. They now finally see the promise that we have given to them a year ago when we had a Chirstmas Party with them last 2017. The program culminated with an inspirational messages from Vice-Mayor Carlo Fortuna of Mandaue City. Message of commitments from JCI Mandue VP for Community Development Nike Cagulada and 2018 President Andrew Tae. And finally a message of gratitude from Brgy. Guizo Captain Jesus Neri in behalf of the residents of the community. The Brgy. Captain was laso positive that they will have a classroom full of daycare students come opening of classes this June 2019.

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