4th February 2019

JCI Achieve Training

Project Chair: Eric Smith

JCI Mandaue hosted the training of the JCI Achieve official course on Saturday February 23, 2019 at the function room of Handuraw Pizza in Mango Square. Led by the chapter’s EVP-External Eric Paolo Smith, a total of 20 JCI members from JCI Mandaue and WoMandaue LOs were present and participated in the training.

Objectives: To successfully conduct the JCI Achieve official training course that includes the following:
1. To impart the values, mission, and vision of the Junior Chamber International
2. To highlight the importance of having a purpose both individually and for an organization
3. To highlight the importance of branding for both individuals and for the organization
4. To invite participants to become makers of positive change and impact in their communities
5. To prepare participants to take and pass the evaluation examination

EVP Eric Smith conducted the training of 20 participants, and oriented them on the Values, Purpose, Branding of JCI and invited them to become agents of positive change in their respective local organizations. Participants were asked to relate concepts into their day-to-day lives as did the trainer in order to fully understand the concepts of the official course.

Participants were able to understand the values of JCI as each tenet was discussed and deliberated through examples. Having a sense of purpose on an individual and organizational level was stressed and so was the importance of branding to ensure the integrity of our LOs and that of the JCI organization. Participants finished the course with a more detailed understanding of what JCI is all about.

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