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Project Chair: Eric Smith

JCI Mandaue hosted a training of the JCI Admin official course on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at the function room of Handuraw Pizza in Mango Square. The trainer was JCI Philippines NEVP Disston Tan. A total of 13 JCI Mandaue members were present and participated in the training.

The objectives of this to successfully conduct the JCI Admin official course that includes the following:
To impart to the participants the roles and responsibilities of various Board of Directors position, To help participants understand the importance of a succession plan, and
To introduce the participants to the organisational structure and legal processes and documents.

NEVP Disston Tan presented the official course to the participants orderly and with the use of examples and real world situations with the JCI Mandaue Local Organization.

The participants were able to understand clearly the objectives of the JCI Admin official course most importantly because the trainer, NEVP Disston Tan had used practical and real world examples. His experience enriched the learning experience as well.

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