4th February 2019

JCI Impact Training

Project Chair: Eric Smith

JCI Mandaue hosted the training of the JCI Impact official course on Saturday February 23, 2019 at the function room of Handuraw Pizza in Mango Square. Led by the chapter’s EVP-External Eric Paolo Smith, a total of 20 JCI members from JCI Mandaue and WoMandaue LOs were present and participated in the training.

Objectives: To successfully conduct the JCI Impact official training course that includes the following:
1. To impart the importance and significance of JCI’s Active Citizen Framework
2. To identify the Root Cause of societal issues in order to create sustainable projects
3. To highlight the importance of collaboration and partnership with business, government and fellow non-government organizations
4. To invite attendees to become active citizens for their communities and begin positive change with themselves
5. To prepare attendees to take and pass the evaluation examination

EVP Eric Smith conducted the training of 20 participants, taking them on the journey of an active citizen and stressing the importance of conducting sustainable projects with the JCI Active Citizen Framework as guide. Furthermore, participants were organized into groups to practice the Root Cause Analysis of societal problems that will lead to conduct of more effective and sustainable projects.

Through the group exercise of root cause analysis — identifying the effects and causes of the problem, the central cause and possible projects as solutions, participants were able to properly understand the importance of the exercise that will ensure the practicality and sustainability of the project. Through this course’s exercise the participants were also able to identify partners and stakeholders that will ensure further success of their projects. The course ended in a call for being active citizens and that each one of us has the power to create positive change in their communities.

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