22nd May 2019

JCI Mandaue Attends JCI Manila’s Limitless Traning

Project Chair: Eric Smith

On April 6, 2019 JCI Mandaue attended the award-winning training session of JCI Manila’s Training Institute entitled “Limitless”. The Leadership Training was spearheaded by JCI Zugbuana, JCI Manila’s sister chapter and JCI Mandaue played co-host to this Cebu-leg of the training session.

The Limitless Leadership Training aimed to introduce to its participants the use and appreciation of tools and concepts that teach JCI members what it means to be involved not just as members of their respective chapters but as active citizens. In addition to setting the importance of vision-setting, the training also imparted the concept of agile leadership, building an organisational culture that is inclusive and growth-oriented, and ensuring principles of branding are set and strengthened for the benefit of the organisation.

 A total of 6 JCI Mandaue members attended the Limitless Leadership Training. Attendants learned the importance of vision setting in the organisation, of having a strategic mindset in building and strengthening organisational culture in order that the right values are safeguarded and promoted, and there is always a growth-oriented mindset in activities. Seven habits of highly effective people were also introduced to which many of the participants appreciated and could relate to. Branding and its importance was also imparted, allowed JCI Mandaue’s members to further appreciate the chapter’s efforts to continue procedures that allow it to stay true to its unique identity.

All-in-all, the training project was a success. There were a good number of attendees from the various Cebu and Bohol chapters. JCI Manila trainers were delighted and a good and professional exchange of ideas and camaraderie was achieved in the whole-day activity,

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