26th February 2019

JCI Parliamentary Procedure Training

Project Chair: Eric Smith

JCI Mandaue hosted a JCI Parliamentary Procedure training headed by trainer, NEVP Disston Tan on Tuesday February 26, 2019 at Handuraw Pizza Mango Square. A total of 13 JCI Mandaue members were in attendance and participation included question and answer sessions and on-the-spot practice of parliamentary procedures.

One of the main objective is to help participants understand the importance of using the Parliamentary Procedures during meetings, and to introduce them to the process through a practical exercise.

The trainer, NEVP Disston Tan was able to present the rationale behind the use of Parliamentary Procedures during trainings. He had the participants familiarize themselves with an organized agenda and guidelines on how to carry out a motion, and facilitate a discussion, until the motion is adopted. He facilitated an on-the-spot practicum with the participants in order to further the understanding of the terms and procedures of the training.

NEVP DIsston Tan was also able to impart the process encapsulated in the acronym – MSDAO – that we can use to remember whether as presiding officer or for a member in the meeting. Participants realized the importance of sticking to Parliamentary procedure during meetings in order to ensure order, productivity and efficiency in carrying out the meeting.

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