26th February 2019

JCI Protocol Training

Project Chair: Eric Smith

 JCI Mandaue hosted a training on JCI Protocols by JCI Mandaue member and JCI Philippines NEVP Disston Tan on Tuesday, February 26 2019 at the function room of Handuraw Pizza Mango Square. A total of 13 participants attended the training activity.

the objective is to help participants understand the importance of following protocol not just in various official engagements in JCI but also in indirect situations because of one’s membership in a JCI LO. And to impart specific examples of protocol procedures for members to follow.

The trainer NEVP Disston Tan, imparted the learnings for JCI Protocol to the participants. Participants were also able to ask questions on protocol given certain circumstances, and these were answered properly by the trainer.

The participants had a better appreciation on why protocol must be followed in JCI activities and in situations outside of JCI where one’s reputation as a JCI member is known. Various situations and specific instances were presented by the trainer that are easily relatable by the members in attendance.

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