8th July 2019

Last Bite of Summer

Project Chair: Serafin M Geson III

Last Bite of Summer is a two day event meant to raise awareness for the environment and for the promotion of local eco-entrepreneurs. The first day comprised on a coastal and ocean clean up through SCUBA, free-diving, and snorkelling along the embayment of Brgy. Maribao, Lapu-lapu City. Local speakers were also invited to talk about the marine environment awareness and also about local business startups. Fun, games and also entertainment were provided for the participants. The second day comprised of of more activities such as land clean up, interaction with the Ginoog Pilipinas Cebu Candidates and also live bands in the afternoon.


One of the main objectives The events goals was to raise awareness about the marine environment through fun and learnings. It teaches the people on who to be responsible with one’s own garbage and not to easily throw them out into the sea. 

Another goals was to raise awareness among the locals about the existence of local eco-business so that we may help in supporting local business thrive.

Action-taken: Coastal clean-up of the Embayment of Brgy Marigbago, Lapu-Lapu city
Clean up of the Shoreline along Karancho Beach House
Invited Speakers to Talk about the Marine Environment and Small Business Startup
Fun and Games
LABOS Eco-Fashion Show
Live Raggae Bands

with all the draw back and last minute struggles, still JCI and its event partners was able to pull it off, making the event a success.

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