19th March 2021

Lihok Batok COVID-19

Written by: Kristoffer Yurong
Last March 17, 2021, JCI Mandaue distributed 200 Essential Hygiene Kits to the Garbage Collectors and Garbage Segregators of Mandaue City under the Department of General Services (DGS), Mandaue City Hall. JCI Mandaue has acknowledged the need to provide sanitary assistance to this sector of our government workers as they too are considered as today’s key and essential front liners in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.
The essential hygiene kits include two disposable masks, two washable masks, a K95 mask, a pair of eye goggles, a face shield, and an alcohol container – all these were carefully curated to ensure they are well protected during their tasks of collecting and segregating our wastes.
The activity was witnessed by the head of DGS Engr. Marivic Cabigas, as well as JCI Mandaue delegation headed by 2021 President Nike Cagulada, VP for community Toffee Yurong and 6 other JCI Mandaue #MerryMen. About 70 of the garbage collectors, garbage Segregators, and office staff from DGS also took part in the turnover, which was held at the Mandaue City Motorpool.
Congratulations to Project Chair Jerome Ang Mendaros for the successful project implementation.
To more collaborations with DGS and JCI Mandaue in the months to come.

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