9th March 2019

MandaWeCare : Barangay Bon-Bon Medical Mission

Project Chair: Bonidee Capoy

JCI Mandaue in partnership with World in Baptist Church of Mandaue and the Philippine Navy, conducted a Medical Mission at Barangay Bon-Bon situated in the Mountain Province of Cebu City. This was held last March 9, 2019 and was conducted on a covered gym. This was headed by Project Chair Bonidee Capoy and accompanied by a total of 11 JCI Mandaue members. Also, one of the objectives is to provide assistance with our partners and to volunteer our services to the people on the said barangay and to provide meals and drinks to all the volunteers like the Navy, doctors and nurses.

JCI Mandaue assisted the recipients with the registration and learned what they need from the medical mission. The medical mission provides vital signs check up, free medication, dental check up, eye check-up, free breakfast and lunch, assisted by our partners, the Philippine Navy volunteers. JCI Mandaue also helped in facilitating and keeping the crowd organised in the venue.

The medical mission was a success, around 200 residents were given free medical assistance and all the volunteers were given their free meals and drinks. JCI Mandaue also got acquainted to a few key people who we could potentially work with for more outreach projects in the near future.

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