5th July 2019

MandaWeCare: First Aid Training for Guizo Daycare Parents

Project chair: Sam Uy

JCI Mandaue facilitated a project called “MandaWeCare: First Aid Training for Guizo Daycare Parents” in partnership with Barangay Guizo, Mandaue CSWS and our guests from JCI Busan Region. The purpose of the project is to educate the parents of 3-4 year old daycare students the different kinds of basic first aid to be able to preserve life, prevent worsening of injury and promote recovery. Around 50 mothers and 100 children attended the event. The children were given meals, ice cream and loot bags containing snack bars, juices and multivitamins for kids and the mothers were given their own first aid kits and meals at the end of the program.

one of the main objective is to educate the parents of daycare students about basic first aid.

– Have an outreach project in partnership with JCI Busan
– Gather all the mothers and children in the daycare for an introduction.
– First aid training facilitated by our guest speaker, Anna Cervantes, RN.
– Games for the children, followed by feeding of meals and desserts, the giving of loot bags
– Turnover of donations by JCI Busan Region containing food, appliances and clothing.

In the beginning of the program, there were a few games and talent performances as an ice breaker to get everyone acquainted. Then after the proper acknowledgement of officers, members, partners and guests, the children were moved to the Barangay hall where they were given meals. The parents stayed in the classroom and learned basic first aid, like how to deal with fever, wounds, bleeding, bites, nosebleed, allergies, shock, fracture, sprain, burns, choking, electrocution and other concerns. As a reward for finishing the class, the parents were all given their own first aid kits after the training. Lastly, the parents were given their meals before closing the program.

It was a successful project because every single member of JCI Mandaue and JCI Busan Region participated in the program. The guests from Korea distributed the meals, the ice cream and the loot bags while the JCI Mandaue members facilitated the class, the feeding, distributed the first aid kits and meals to the parents. Both JCI regions were able to create a stronger bond and friendship while practicing their teamwork in making this event run as smooth as possible. The parents all learned important lessons on first aid and most importantly, the children all had a very good time.

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