17th December 2019

MandaWeCare: Merry HOME Gift Giving

Project chair: Edmar Dionson

JCI Mandaue organized a Christmas party at the Home of Mandaue Enhanced Children’s Center (HOME).


This is an annual Christmas party for the children of this site.

The center houses children in conflict with the law, there are about 60 children in the center.

The Christmas party had the classic parlor games (which was participated by JCI Mandaue members and the Koreans guests) with prizes, song and dance performances by the kids, feeding of meals and dessert, and lastly their Christmas present from the Merry Men of JCI Mandaue and from our visitors from the Gwangjeong Church, the Presbyterian Church of South Korea.

Seeing the children enjoy and having an amazing experience with the interaction is heartwarming.

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