8th February 2019

Meet and Greet the Students of Barangay Guizo Daycare Centre

Project Chair: Sam Uy

JCI Mandaue hosted an outreach activity in our very own Barangay Guizo Daycare Centre on February 8, 2019 with the main purpose of meeting the students for the upcoming school year 2019-2020. Led by 2019 JCI Mandaue VP for Community Development Sam Uy, a total of 15 members of JCI Mandaue were present and participated during the project. The guests for the event were 10 members from our sister chapter all the way from Korea, JCI Samcheonpo.

The main objective is for JCI Mandaue and JCI Samcheonpo to meet the students of the Daycare.

1. To highlight the first daycare centre of JCI Mandaue, to our international sister chapter.
2. To facilitate an outreach activity a day before our induction as a reminder of our obligation to the community. 
3. To motivate our babies / new members to be inducted the next day so that they would attend or even organise more projects in the future. 
4. To provide clothes and hygiene kits / toiletries bags to the daycare centre students.
5. To show a consistent presence in the Daycare centre to show continuous support to our long-term community development programs.

JCI Mandaue and JCI Samcheonpo Board of Directors, Members and new babies to the attendees of the event was introduced to the students of the Daycare Centre were mostly accompanied by their mothers and a few CSWS employees. The children and some mothers presented their talents in the dance performances and a mother gave a speech expressing her gratitude and appreciation to the donors of the Daycare Centre. She mentioned that it makes a big difference in their lives because they learn basic fundamental skills at an early age of 3 or 4 years old, which allows them to gain confidence and be ready for the next challenges in their lives. JCI Samcheonpo members distributed the meals, ice cream and loot bags for the kids before the closing ceremonies and speeches from Immediate Past President Andrew Tae and Mandaue CSWS OIC Jessie Perez.

It was a successful Meet and Greet project. The students and their parents were able to meet the organisations that the Daycare Centre for them and they were able to express their gratitude. Our JCI Samcheonpo sister chapter were able to visit our Daycare Centre for the first time and they were happy to have an outreach activity during their short visit in the country which allowed them to bond with the JCI Mandaue members even more. The JCI Mandaue babies now have a better understanding of our current flagship program and are now more willing to contribute more for the future projects. And most importantly the children of Barangay Guizo were happy as they enjoyed the program, their meals, and they went home with new clothes, slippers, toiletries and snacks.

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