19th May 2019

Merry Badminton (JCI Week 2019)

Project Chair:Jefferson Ebal

In celebration of JCI Week 2019, the Merry men of JCI Mandaue hosted a JCI Sports Fellowship event called Merry Badminton on April 09, 2019 at Racquet Zone, Cebu City. Participated by JCI Mandaue(Host), JCI Womandaue, JCI Cebu Sinulog, JCI Cebu-Mactan Channel, JCI Boholana kisses and JCI Bataan. The sports fellowship event was designed to emphasize the importance of having fun in a competitive atmosphere.

One of the main objectives is to live the value of teamwork, sportsmanship and encourage healthy competition among participants.

JCI Mandandaue partnered with JCI Boholana Kisses planned 2 weeks ahead of time.
▪︎Created a poster event for circulation to all chapters in Central Visayas to nominate participants.
▪︎ Reservation made for the badminton courts and hired umpires.
▪︎ JCI Mandaue President Rod was asked to help promote the event in various facebook chatrooms.
▪︎ Attendees were asked to sign the attendance sheet
▪︎ Collected assessment fee of P50.00 per participant

40 participants joined the event with 21 players. Awarded the winners at the end of game. Importantly, promoted camaraderie and rapport among members building strong bonds through sports.





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