“Keeping The Mission To Honor The Vision”

Written by: David Anthony Maquilan (Deputy for Media-Communication)


For 2021, JCI Mandaue aims no other direction but up! To continue uplifting the brotherhood with purpose and become more active citizens for positive change in our communities, the members elected a new set of Board of Directors to lead the organization’s 2021 goals.


Spearheaded by 2016 President Ramil Montealto and 2019 President Rod Limpot, the JCI Mandaue Elections for the next Board of Directors for 2021 was a great success notwithstanding the limitations that the pandemic has engendered.

The election took place last 19th of September 2020 at Mezzo Hotel and simultaneously via Zoom Cloud Meeting for the members who were not able to go to the venue due to limited capacity.

It was a congenial and engaging activity as the resolute candidates presented their auspicious goals for 2021 with credence and tenacity.

The election was also attended by some of the past Presidents. 1971 President Oscar Senerpida, 2007 President Dr. Alain Senerpida, 2011 President Godo Castanares, 2012 President Mike Villanueva and 2017 President Richard Labitag, who also gave their comments after each candidate’s presentation and asked some questions which gave more emphasis to their presented plans and goals.

As JCI Mandaue continues to “Engage For Change” for a stronger 2021, the new Board of Directors have been chosen:

President – Nike Cagulada
Executive VP for Internal Affairs – Judee Kwan
Executive VP for External Affairs – Sam UY
VP for Community Development – Kristofer Yurong
VP for Individual Development – Andrew Lee
VP for Business Development – Jay Pastor
VP for National Relations – JM Yap
VP for International Relations – Brad Dablos
VP for Media-Communication – Rap Geson

2021 #ONEDaue!







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