3rd December 2018

Operation Kidnap: Hygiene 101 for Umapad Dumpsite Children

Project Chair: Sam Uy

JCI-Mandaue gathered 60 street kids at Mandaue City Social Welfare Services office as an outreach project with Gwangjeong Church from Korea. JCI Mandaue taught the street children ages 4-6 basic hygiene such as taking a bath, brushing their teeth, cutting their nails, etc. After the tutorial, the Board of Directors of Gwangjeong church also participated in the activity by giving the kids a bath and helping them put on their new set of clothes. There was a feeding to end the program.

the objective here is to teach basic hygiene to street children of Mandaue City

1. To conduct a 1 hour hygiene class with visuals and demonstrations for easier understanding. 2. To entertain the kids by letting a Superheroes Ant Man and Iron Man facilitate the class. 3. To provide showers and new set of clothes to the street children. They can also keep their toothbrush, comb, and few other free toiletries. 4. To give the Korean visitors an opportunity to have an outreach project here in our locality. 5. To share a meal together and have a bonding experience with all the parties involved.

JCI-Mandaue always start our projects with a few games with prizes to catch the attention of the young children. After the speech by the President of JCI Mandaue and the President of Gwangjeong Church of Korea, the program proceeded to the hygiene class. The Superheroes such as Ant Man and Ironman helped keep the kids attention directed towards the 2 teachers, who are Directors of JCI Mandaue. When all is explained clearly, the kids lined up to be given a bath by the Korean guests. Fresh with their new clothes they receive their food and enjoy their lunches and ice cream.

The street children learned about basic hygiene. This keeps them safe from sicknesses and diseases that can be caught when playing in the streets. The lessons that they have learned can still be applied regularly since they are allowed to use the shower and facilities over at Mandaue CSWS at their designated schedule. The Korean visitors from Gwangjeong Church feels fulfilled and productive to have helped the street kids of Mandaue City. The gesture of giving showers shows humility and proves our willingness to do service to humanity regardless of their age or status.

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