22nd March 2019

Together We Prosper: JCI Mandaue attends JCI Sanchung Anniversary

Project Chair:Joseph Miguel Ortiz

A total of eight JCI Mandaue members flew to Taipei, Taiwan to attend the anniversary of its sister chapter, JCI Sanchung from March 22 to March 25, 2019. The trip was a great opportunity for cultural and professional exchange among the two JCI local organisations and the countries of the Philippines and Taiwan. It was also a fulfilment of the annual commitment in the sisterhood agreement between JCI Mandaue and JCI Sanchung.

The trip fulfilled three objectives:

1.) to further positive and fruitful international relations between the Philippines and Taiwan and JCI Mandaue and JCI       Sanchung,

2.) to fulfill the annual tradition and commitment of visiting sister chapter locations.

3.) to promote cultural and professional exchange among the members of JCI Mandaue and JCI Sanchung.

There was correspondence between the Presidents and officers of JCI Mandaue and JCI Sanchung for coordination of hotel, transportation, and itinerary. JCI Mandaue’s delegation attended all the events hosted by JCI Sanchung ranging from formal JCI events, to casual lunches, dinners, and tours hosted by their current and old members.

The four day trip to Taiwan, strengthened the long and proud relationship between JCI Mandaue and JCI Sanchung – a sisterhood that has lasted for almost 40 years. The eight man delegation of JCI Mandaue was very well taken cared of by the Sanchung brothers and sisters. JCI Mandaue’s 2019 president, Rodrigo Limpot Jr. represented his chapter well by attending fully all the activities arranged by JCI Sanchung.

JCI Mandaue also extended an invitation for JCI Sanchung to come and visit during JCI Mandaue’s 2020 induction and turnover ceremonies, so that the courtesy and hospitality of hosting as sister chapters can be extended on the Philippine side. Because of the success of this trip, both chapters see a fruitful sisterhood for the years to come.






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